WelcomeGreetings, and welcome to Bradley K. Warren and Associates, Inc.  My name is Brad Warren, and I am a real estate business coach and seminar leader.  Since 1978, I have taught seminars in 18 foreign countries, in 27 of the United States, in front of over 40,000 people, and have done one-on-one coaching with hundreds of professionals and business owners.  Since 2003, I have been focusing my practice on the real estate profession, and have launched this website with the goal of bringing the best tips, tools, and techniques to real estate agents to help them grow their businesses with less effort and struggle and more results.

To start you off, I am offering a FREE 20-page e-book on Time Management (it’s actually a chapter I wrote from a larger book entitled Blueprint for Success: 12 Powerhouse Professionals, which includes chapters from Ken Blanchard and Stephen Covey as well).  My chapter focuses on what I believe is the #1 impediment to running a successful real estate practice, and that is the effective and efficient use of time.  I talk about goals, how to keep a time log to track where your precious time really goes, how to prioritize, how to effectively use To-Do lists and planners, how to plan a week at a time, dealing with drop-in visitors and telephone interruptions, the 7 steps to masterful delegation, 10 tips for overcoming procrastination, ideas for running more effective meetings, and a few suggestions for improving your communication skills.  I believe that this chapter alone, if you read it thoroughly and implement the ideas I’ve presented, will make a huge difference in how you schedule and plan your weekly activities, and will result in more productive use of your time and greater accomplishment of your goals.  A wonderful side benefit is a dramatic decrease in stress!  So go now to the top right hand side of this page, type in your name and email address, click the ‘Subscribe’ button, and the chapter will be on its way to you immediately

Beware of giving meaning to things!

“Nothing is either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” Shakespeare
“In dance, no movement or direction is better or worse than another. This, too, is a way to view all of life. See all the ‘good and bad’ things that happen to you simply as movements in the dance of life.” Zen wisdom
“Nothing is anything until I make it something.” T. Harv Eker

These sayings pretty much all convey the same message: the stuff that happens to us in life doesn’t mean anything until we give it meaning. If a customer says no to me, all it means is a customer said no to me. But if I add on “What’s the matter with him/her/me? I’m no good at sales. They’re stupid” or anything else that I make up in my head, I’ve now made their no into something else. If you must make up something, at least make up something great, such as “Wow! They said no. That means I’m that much closer to my next yes!” But even that’s made up, though it’s better than the previous examples.

This really hit home today as I was talking with a coaching client. She was explaining to me why she hadn’t made her sales calls as promised and said that all of her personal problems were preventing her from being real and authentic and she felt like she was living a double life. After listening a bit further, it occurred to me that she had “collapsed” her personal story and her business story into one great big mess. “I’m having personal problems, therefore I can’t sell.” Once this was pointed out to her, and I explained what I was observing, she realized that even though she had these things going on in her personal life and they had to be dealt with, they were separate and distinct from her ability to run her business.

Where, if anywhere, are you adding meaning where none exists? Where are you collapsing one part of your life with another in a “negative” way, or better said, in a non-supportive way? Let me know what you see over the next few days via email, and I will respond back. Thanks!

Love and business

Given that I’ve recently blogged about risk, and the fact that Valentine’s Day is this Saturday, I Googled “Love and Business” and found this interesting article about the combination of the two (excerpt below, full article at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/corey-blake/business-gains-are-double_b_6636928.html): “Loving and leading this way is a risk, no doubt about it. It’s a risk for your […]

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Do you control your technology or does it control you?

I recently was attempting to book a training engagement with a local real estate office and the broker had this to say: “Brad, you have so many good things to say, but it gets lost with your not adopting new technologies. Has that changed?” Which started a back-and-forth conversation about technology, how did that have […]

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Pay Attention, Part 2

Pay Attention, Part 2 So last week I wrote about how digital and human interruptions are bombarding us every day, and the huge cost that creates. Here are some of the ideas you shared with me about how you lessen those interruptions in your own life: -Move to an area with no distractions -Sit facing […]

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Pay Attention!

Pay Attention! Entrepreneur Magazine, Sept. 2014, article by Joe Robinson Chronic interruptions-of the digital and human variety-are assaulting our concentration. E-mails, phone calls, text messages, other people, and more are bombarding us with interruptions all day long (and all night as well!). Here are a few quotes from the article: “Chronic intrusions shrink attention spans, […]

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The Power of Silence

Shawn Achor, writing in the July issue of Success Magazine (which I highly recommend subscribing to) had this to say about the Silent Treatment: “Neuroscientists have found that monks who spend years in quiet meditation actually grow their brains (the prefrontal cortex), like an athlete builds biceps. Don’t worry-you don’t have to spend years in […]

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